FMIPA / Fourth ISS: Introducing Nusantara at Banquet Dinner

Fourth ISS: Introducing Nusantara at Banquet Dinner

BOGOR (19/10) – The first day of the 4th ISS was completed by holding a banquet dinner, held at ballroom 1 and 2, IPB International Convention Center, the committee invited the participants of the seminar as well as the speakers present to enjoy the special dinner that has been provided specially for today’s event.

Not only served with Nusantara-nuances dinner, the audience was also entertained with Nusantara-themed dance, performed by the Student Activity Unit Lingkung Seni Sunda Bogor Agricultural University: Gentra Kaheman. After a day of exchanging scientific ideas in seminars and presentations, attendees and speakers have the opportunity to exchange art and culture for a moment by joining the performers to dance with them.

In this relaxed occasion, READI Field Director: William “Bill” Duggan delivered his testimonials and appreciation to the organizers for their efforts and efforts in realizing this international seminar.