FMIPA / FMIPA IPB’s First Female Dean in History

FMIPA IPB’s First Female Dean in History

In respect to the term of office conclusion of FMIPA dean, period of 2007 – 2011, Dr. Drh. Hasim, DEA was incumbent, the electoral process through the Faculty Senate for the candidates of new dean has been held, and Dr. Ir. Sri Nurdiati, M.Sc. has elected to run the dean office of FMIPA for period 2011-2015, and she will be the first female dean of the FMIPA IPB since it is founded in 1982.

She has been inaugurated on Tuesday (22/11) by Rector and followed by the position handover, and on the same day the incumbent dean, accompanied by former dean visit her office at the FMIPA IPB.

Congratulations, to the new dean of FMIPA IPB and staff, may FMIPA keep advancing forward and developing more progressive in the future.