FMIPA / FMIPA’s Roles in Agriculture

FMIPA’s Roles in Agriculture

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) is a faculty that study group of basic sciences that supports the entire field of science. “FMIPA is also part of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), so FMIPA participated in supporting agricultural sciences in greater definition. We participate in developing sustainable agricultural development, “said the dean of FMIPA IPB, Dr. Ir. Sri Nurdiati, M.Sc in “Dialog RRI Pagi“, Tuesday (13/12),.

With the increasing number of student interest in the field of Mathematics,FMIPA IPB will develop itself further by having 8 departments, including: Statistics, Geophysics and Meteorology (Geomet), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Biochemistry. “Here, we only accommodate the best students with a capacity of 1:10. 8 departments of the Statistics and Computer Science are the most demanding,” she continued.

Bogor has a lot of government agencies, so the FMIPA IPB is having a lot of cooperation with them. “We also conduct cooperation in the field of research by private agencies. Whereas in the form of a products we haven’t reach out the market, yet. We hope that both the government and private sector can contribute in marketing the researchers’ products and works of IPB,” added Dr. Nurdiati.

In conclusion, Dr. Nurdiati said choosing IPB and FMIPA is the right choice. “Because there will be a lot of job offers await you, even before you graduate. Generally only less than one year for FMIPA graduates to get a job. Diligent and persevering is the key to success.” said Dr. Nurdiati.